I [[t]əhe̱d[/t]] ADVERB USES
(In addition to the uses shown below, ahead is used in phrasal verbs such as `get ahead', `go ahead', and `press ahead'.)
1) ADV: ADV after v, n ADV, ADV with cl Something that is ahead is in front of you. If you look ahead, you look directly in front of you.

Brett looked straight ahead...

I peered ahead through the front screen...

The road ahead was now blocked solid...

Ahead, he saw the side railings of First Bridge over Crooked Brook.

in front
2) ADV: ADV after v You use ahead with verbs such as `push', `move', and `forge' to indicate that a plan, scheme, or organization is making fast progress.

Western countries were moving ahead with plans to send financial aid to all of the former Soviet republics...

Now BBC World Television is forging ahead on its own.

3) ADV: be ADV, ADV after v, oft amount ADV If you are ahead in your work or achievements, you have made more progress than you expected to and are performing well.

The North Korean economy was pretty strong in its time, and was ahead until maybe 1970...

First half profits have charged ahead from ₤127.6m to ₤134.2m...

Children in small classes were 1.5 months ahead in reading and 2.5 months ahead in mathematics.

4) ADV: be ADV, ADV after v, oft amount ADV If a person or a team is ahead in a competition, they are winning.

Australia were ahead throughout the game...

The Communists are comfortably ahead in the opinion polls...

A goal would have put Dublin 6-1 ahead.

5) ADV: v-link ADV, ADV after v, n ADV Ahead also means in the future.

A much bigger battle is ahead for the president...

Anne Garrels reports there are still difficult times ahead for Poland...

Now I can remember without mourning, and begin to look ahead...

There will be many difficult and challenging days ahead.

The task ahead is huge.

6) ADV: ADV after v If you prepare or plan something ahead, you do it some time before a future event so that everything is ready for that event to take place.

The government wants figures that help it to administer its policies and plan ahead...

Do book ahead as the restaurant is very popular...

Summer weddings are very popular and need to be arranged months ahead.

in advance
7) ADV: ADV after v If you go ahead, or if you go on ahead, you go in front of someone who is going to the same place so that you arrive there some time before they do.

I went ahead and waited with Sean...

You just go on ahead. I'll come by later...

I'd have to send Tina on ahead with Rachael.

ahead of
(Please look at category 7 to see if the expression you are looking for is shown under another headword.)
1) PHR-PREP If someone is ahead of you, they are directly in front of you. If someone is moving ahead of you, they are in front of you and moving in the same direction.

I saw a man in a blue jacket thirty metres ahead of me...

She walked ahead of Helene up the steps into the hotel.

2) PHR-PREP: PREP pron If an event or period of time lies ahead of you, it is going to happen or take place soon or in the future.

I tried to think about all the problems that were ahead of me tomorrow...

Catherine had been awake all night thinking about the future that lay ahead of her...

We have a very busy day ahead of us today.

3) PHR-PREP: oft n PREP n In a competition, if a person or team does something ahead of someone else, they do it before the second person or team.

Robert Millar finished 1 minute and 35 seconds ahead of the Frenchman Thierry Claveyrolat.

4) PHR-PREP If something happens ahead of an event or time, it happens before that event or time.

The Prime Minister was speaking ahead of today's meeting.

5) PHR-PREP If something happens ahead of schedule or ahead of time, it happens earlier than was planned.

The election was held six months ahead of schedule...

This dish may be prepared a day ahead of time and refrigerated.

6) PHR-PREP If someone is ahead of someone else, they have made more progress and are more advanced in what they are doing.

Henry generally stayed ahead of the others in the academic subjects.

7) one step aheadsee step
ahead of one's timesee time

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